A post-conviction challenge is a challenge after the sentencing on a plea or the direct appeal is denied. The basis of such a challenge can include a wide range of issues including, ineffective assistance of counsel, new evidence, new constitutional law, among others. The State of Washington permits such a challenge, usually as a personal restraint petition filed in the appellate courts. The United States District Court permits filing writs of habeas corpus, generally after completion of the post conviction process in state court. It is a very complex process and errors made in state court can effect the ability of an individual to obtain redress of their state criminal case in federal court. It is critical that an individual who is in the midst of an appeal or recently pled guilty immediately contact an attorney because the statute of limitations can foreclose any possibility of relief. Kahrs Law Firm has sought post conviction relief in all levels of the Washington courts. Kahrs Law Firm has also sought post conviction relief in all levels of the United States court system, including the United States Supreme Court. Kahrs Law Firm has over ten years experience in the federal courts. In 2003, a client was granted an evidentiary hearing in United State District Court by the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. After remand and the evidentiary hearing, the relief was denied. It was subsequently appealed and the Ninth Circuit granted relief and ordered the client be given a new trial. PDF Links of Filed Court Papers
winning case ninth circuit sanders v. ryder. sanders v. ryder memorandum decision established law in re personal restraint of weber
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